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Quality Assurance

The products that we supply are of optimum quality as we manufacture them using good quality raw materials. Our entire manufacturing process is managed by experienced supervisors who guide the production team to develop defect-free products like Magnetic Clutches, Electromagnetic Clutches, etc. Besides, we never deliver our products without quality checks. We check all the manufactured products carefully to ensure that clients receive only the best-grade Magnetic Clutches, Electromagnetic Clutches, Epoxy Encapsulated Coils, Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Coils, Linear Solenoids, Encapsulated Solenoid Coils and other products.

Our Products

We are manufacturing, exporting and supplying:
    • Solenoid Coils
      • Ac Solenoid Coils
      • Dc Solenoid Coils
    • Coils
      • Operating Coils
      • Magnetic Coils
      • Miniature Coils
      • Vibrator Coils
      • Epoxy Encapsulated Coils
      • Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Coils
      • Encapsulated Solenoid Coils
      • Hydraulics Coil
      • Epoxy Cast Coils
    • Magnetic Clutches
    • Electromagnetic Clutches
    • Pull Linear Solenoid
    • Push Linear Solenoid
    • Linear Solenoids
    • Square Solenoids
    • Magnetic Brakes
    • Epoxy Casted Products
      • Epoxy Casted Terminals
      • Epoxy Casted Bus Bar
      • Epoxy Casted Bushes
      • Epoxy Casted Accessories
    • Electro Magnetic Products
      • Electro Magnetic Brakes
    • Electrical Equipment
      • Electric Latch
    • Sheet Metal Parts
    • DC Contactors
    • Solenoid Actuators
    • Pullers
      Our Services

      We are offering the following services:
      • Epoxy Casting Works
      • Coil Related Services
      • Technical Advice On Electromagnetic (EM) Products & Industrial Projects Involving EM Products.
      Our Team

      We have a team of qualified and skilled people who do their best to carry out the work processes smoothly and deliver quality products like Magnetic Clutches, Electromagnetic Clutches, etc to clients. In our team, we have engineers, machine operators, supervisors, production workers, sales representatives and product delivery assistants. They all work in harmony with a vision of taking the company business to the crest of success. Each member of our team performs his job responsibilities efficiently and brings the best performance at workplace. It is due to the hard work of our team, we are able to meet the growing market demands successfully.