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Industrial Solenoid
We are offering a large array of Solenoids to our valuable customers. These basically are coil of wires which are utilized in various devices such as antennas, inductors, valves, electromagnets and others for providing a mechanical force.
Industrial Coils
Our provided range of coils are widely used in automobile, electrical, engineering and other industries to processing various applications in an efficient manner. These have sturdy configuration and high strength.
Electrical Contactors
Our organization is engaged in providing Electrical Contactors to customers. These are used in power circuits and help in their switching. The contactors are energy efficient and work hassle freely for a long time span.
Electromagnetic Products
Our range of Electromagnetic Products are extensively utilized for catering the needs of various applications in the industrial sector. These give reliable working for numerous years and are backed by advanced technology.
Industrial Clutch
We are one of the best manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a wide range of Industrial Clutches that are used in heavy machineries for the transmission of motion from the power drives from the driven units to start a uniform motion of the kinematic mechanism. 
Solenoid Actuators
Solenoid Actuators are the machine components that are used for moving and controlling a mechanism in an organized manner. They are provided with an electromagnetic coil which initiates the movement of elements when current passed through them.

Electrical DC Contactor

Electrical DC Contactor electrical switches that are used for switching of an electrical power circuit that are widely installed in high current load devices. They are available in various sizes and load capacities as per the voltage value.
Electromagnetic Brake

Electromagnetic Brake are the devices that are used to provide a mechanical friction to slow down and to completely stop the movement of a machine. They are provided with a switching control which when in active position allows the current to pass through the circuit for activating the brakes.